In 1986, brothers Axel and Serge Van den Bossche decided to take over their mother’s business under the name of Serax. What started with a series of flower pots soon grew into an extensive range of decorative articles. In the early nineties the management team was strengthened with the arrival of Frank Lambert and the business moved to Kontich.

Today, the Serax collection includes no less than 4,000 interior objects, ranging from original glassware to elegant dinnerware and tealight candles.

Serax formed the basis of a significant (r)evolution in the floristry sector. Designs created by Belgian and international designers emerged and changed this sector forever. This ambition continues to define Serax’s reason for being, except that the playing field has expanded. Decorative objects, tableware collections and small furniture articles have been added to the collection, while never losing sight of the core philosophy of accessibility, quality, design. Today, Serax serves as a design platform, where synergies are created between Belgian and international designers. Serax always retains its ambition of offering its customers accessible, high-quality and functional design.

With the elaborate collection of tableware lines, Serax established themselves in a few years as a trendsetter in the hospitality sector. Renewing styles and materials result in a unique and diversified assortment. The creations by national and international designers gained worldwide recognition from renowned star chefs and hoteliers.

Accessible and functional design, the pillars of Serax, and already the basis for many previous collections, are here translated into an assortment of small furniture. The special choice for certain materials often leads to unique products that exude a universal and timeless character. The assortment comprises among other things chairs, (occasional) tables, (spice) racks, trestles and accessories.

The lighting collection houses various atmosphere creators that can be integrated in any type of interior. The huge variation in materials and shapes offers a diversified range that can appeal to any design lover.

The finest selection of scents and aromas from Grasse, the world renowned centre of Perfume, are combined in the new collection of scented candles and diffusers. 11 different scents take you on a voyage of discovery into the different corners of the world, each with their own specific aromas and character.

The varied collection of storage boxes and baskets has a significant impact on all rooms. The fresh colours and surprising choice of materials carry the typical hallmark that we also recognize in the entire collection. With the Stationery Collection, using playful prints and contemporary materials, Serax introduces its signature into the work environment.

The Objects collection is characterized by timeless objects and playful eye-catchers that add an extra dimension to any interior. Always accessible and functional, these objects find their way towards both classic and modern surroundings.

Serax table-linen magically transforms the dining table into a social momentum: a moment of sharing, enjoying and gathering. The collection is coloured by a contemporary and trendy range of colours, inspired by daily impulses from our everyday surroundings. The collection compris- es fresh hues for summery scenes and warm tints for wintery cosiness. Dinner is served!